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Elephant News Service

EleAid is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Asian Elephant News Service.

We are aware that there are already a number of excellent elephant news services available on the internet, our service is intended to complement rather than compete with these. The key difference our service offers is that it will focus on news by country making all the news from the specific countries available in one place.

In order to protect the copyright of the various news agencies our news service will only provide a few lines of each story accompanied by a readily accessible link to the story provider. We usually update the pages on a daily basis as they are reported on the internet.

Sadly most of the reports are bad news which represents the daily problems that elephants across Asia face. It is our hope that by making reports available we can bring home to people the seriousness of the situation elephants face and the urgent need for their conservation and welfare.

We hope you find this service useful.


Elephant News Bangladesh

Elephant News Burma

Elephant News China

Elephant News India

Elephant News Indonesia

Elephant News Laos

Elephant News Malaysia

Elephant News Nepal

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Elephant News Thailand

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