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“To promote the preservation and conservation for the public benefit of the Asian Elephant through, but not limited to,¬†education and the promotion of research into such conservation and the dissemination of the results of such research.”

EleAid Mission Statement

EleAid works to ensure the survival of the Asian elephant and improve the quality of life of these magnificent animals, so that they may share the world with future generations of mankind.


  • Helps elephants in need.
  • Provides resources for sustainable long-term elephant care.
  • Educates the public on the need for elephant conservation.
  • Conducts research into schemes that promote and provide sustainable natural habitat for the Asian elephant and other wildlife.
  • Promotes co-operation between governments, organisations and individuals working in elephant conservation.


  • We believe that the Asian elephant represents one of nature’s greatest creations and its continued survival is a matter for all of mankind.
  • We believe in the conservation and protection of sufficient natural habitat to ensure healthy, sustainable herds of elephants and other wildlife.
  • We believe in the provision of high standards of care for all domesticated and captive elephants.
  • We believe in the abolition of all inhumane trade in all elephant products including ivory, meat, hide and medicinal parts.
  • We believe in supporting communities that live in close contact with elephants, either wild or domestic, and in helping them to provide for the security and well being of both people and elephants.

EleAid is an open and inclusive organisation.