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Mae Kham & Noy

EleAid supported Mae Kham and Noy as they joined the baby bonus programme at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Laos ! The programme allows new mothers to stop work and focus on raising happy and healthy youngsters to restock the dwindling population of elephants In Laos PDR.

Mae Kham is 40 yrs old, Noy was born on the 5th of August 2015. They arrived from the village of Muang Phiang, Sayaboury province, Laos PDR, about 60 km south of the town of Sayaboury and the Elephant Conservation Center. The mother has been working in the logging industry all her life, now its time for a rest !

Welcome Mae Kham and Noy! Well done ECC Laos!
If you’d like to help us help more elephants like these two, please check out our Donate page. Happy days…

MaeKham7 MaeKham8 MaeKham6MaeKham5