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Absolut Elephant – A website packed with elephant facts and information.

Born Free – An animal welfare and conservation charity that campaigns for the protection and conservation of animals in their natural habitat and against the keeping of animals in zoos and circuses and as exotic pets.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Dedicated to the protection of Africa’s wilderness

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation – Dedicated to the survival of all wildlife, it supports a wide range of innovative and far-reaching projects throughout Africa and Asia

Elefantasia – A group dedicated to elephant conservation in Laos

Elephant Care International www.elephantcare.orgAn independent program devoted to elephant healthcare and conservation

Elephant Family – An organisation concerned with the welfare of both wild and domesticated Asian elephants.

Elephant Information Repository – Full of interesting elephant information

Elephant Stay– An organisation in Ayutthaya working with retired elephants and teaching mahout skill and elephant care to international volunteers. Connected with the Royal Elephant Kraal.

Enchanted Learning – An excellent children’s educational website

Fauna and Flora International – The world’s longest established international conservation body.

International Elephant Foundation – An organisation promoting the conservation of Asian and African elephants.

IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) – The world’s leading conservation organisation.

National Geographic – Propelled by the alarming lack of geographic knowledge among young people and the pressing need to protect the planet’s natural resources.

Save The Elephants – A leading organisation primarily concerned with African elephant conservation.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Centre – Thailand’s government supported conservation programme

Upali – A site packed with information about many aspects of elephants.

Wildlife Trust of India – An organisation committed to urgent action that prevents destruction of India’s wildlife .

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals – Leading international animal welfare organisation

WWF (World Wild Fund for Nature) – A global organisation dedicated to the preservation of wildlife.